Founder’s Story                          

Greg S. Mattison, CET, CC, CLMC, CLEP

•  31 Year veteran from the Energy Conservation field in Corporate America

•  Sales/Marketing/Product Mgmt/Sales Mgmt/Director/Board Member

•  Started and ran a very successful energy division with P&L responsibilities

•  Authored numerous trade articles and wrote several generations of lighting, economic, and environmental programs.

•  Closed two of the largest conservation programs in North America with Wal-Mart Stores and AT&T commercial facilities

•  Managed thousands of sites with dozens of national accounts where utility rebates were used to enhance Returns.

LED Manufacturer (Lighting Science Group)

•Recruited by Lighting Science to initiate and manage Markdown Programs (Instant Rebates).
•Generated and contracted 52 major residential markdown program within 12 months.
•Developed relationships with the major utility consulting firms that manage 70-80% of all rebate programs.

Ancient Past (IBM)

In Greg’s past, he worked for IBM while attending Southwest Texas State.  He studied as a Systems Analyst for mid-market sized companies.  He reviewed client’s operations and developed a plan to automate processes to improve productivity and safety.  These skills are still used today from simple flowcharts to complex comprehensive strategic planning of asset utilization.

Addressing a Market Need

Greg and Lloyd Oetgen started Cumulus Rebates, with some longtime industry friends focusing on both site rebate administration and improving cash flow for manufacturers involved in National Retail Markdown Program (Instant Rebate), sponsored by Utility Companies and their corresponding State Utility Commissions. 


We have assembled an experienced team of SME’s necessary to solve the automation process problems.

•  Ex-Utility Program Managers

•  Rebate Administrators

•  IT Professionals experience in building complex energy systems

•  Merchandising Business Developers

• Investment Bankers

• An Advisory Board with great credentials, various industry experience and contacts

Technical Partner and CIO                          

Lloyd Oetgen

As the technical partner and CIO of Cumulus Rebates, I manage the professional services and information technology. I enjoy working on the 'bleeding edge' of IT development, and all things internet. My areas of expertise include Systems Engineering, Software Development, IT infrastructure and Networking, Enterprise Systems Integration, operations of Enterprise Management System, and related systems integration projects.....all things 'In the Cloud'.

I have over 25 years of experience in industrial automation, software development, and systems integration. I have specialized in energy services for the past 15 years, directing the development and operations of Enterprise Energy Management Systems and the systems integration with IT enterprise systems.

I have designed and directed the development and implementation of some of the earliest Enterprise Energy Management Systems such as EnerACT, later marketed by Honeywell as Portico, and Automated Truck Loading Terminals for Caltex Petroleum Corp, Giant Industries, and Texaco.

I have also played an integral role in the development and implementation of one of the newest Enterprise Energy Management systems to include Big Data / NOSQL database technology (FSG Energy’s Clarity Enterprise Energy Management System) and managed the Enterprise Systems Integration for Simon Malls, which included integrating over 2500 meters with FSG Energy Scoreboard EEMS System.

I am a dedicated Christian, husband, proud father and very committed grandfather.